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quinta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2021

Johnny Cash

Neste quarta parte de cinco posts, disponibilizamos um Box, lançado em 2012:

Box: ¨The Complete Columbia Album Collection¨ (Remaster Legacy 88697 91047 2).

Parte 4/5

1958 The Fabulous Johnny Cash: Download

1959 Hymns By Johnny Cash: Download

1959 Songs Of Our Soil: Download

1960 Now, There Was A Song!: Download

1960 Ride This Train: Download

1962 Blood, Sweat And Tears: Download

1962 Hymns From The Heart: Download

1962 The Sound Of Johnny Cash: Download

1963 Keep On The Sunny Side: Download

1963 Ring Of Fire - The Best Of Johnny Cash: Download

1963 The Christmas Spirit: Download

1964 Bitter Tears - Ballads Of The American Indian: Download

1964 I Walk The Line: Download

1965 Orange Blossom Special: Download

1965 Sings The Ballads Of The True West: Download

1966 Everybody Loves A Nut: Download

1966 Happiness Is You: Download

1967 Carryin' On With: Download

1967 From Sea To Shining Sea: Download

1968 At Folsom Prison: Download

1968 The Holy Land: Download

1969 At San Quentin: Download

1970 Hello I'm Johnny Cash: Download

1970 I Walk The Line (OST): Download

1970 Little Fauss And Big Halsy (OST): Download

1970 The Johnny Cash Show: Download

1971 Man In Black: Download

1972 A Thing Called Love: Download

1972 America: Download

1972 Christmas: Download

1973 Any Old Wind That Blows: Download

1973 Johnny Cash And His Woman: Download

1973 Johnny Cash Pa Osteraker: Download

1973 The Gospel Road (CD 1): Download

1973 The Gospel Road (CD 2): Download

1974 Ragged Old Flag: Download

1974 The Junkie And The Juicehead Minus Me: Download

1975 John R. Cash: Download

1975 Look At Them Beans: Download

1975 Sings Precious Memories: Download

1975 The Johnny Cash Children's Album: Download

1976 One Piece At A Time: Download

1976 Strawberry Cake: Download

1977 The Last Gunfighter Ballad: Download

1977 The Rambler: Download

1978 Gone Girl: Download

1978 I Would Like To See You Again: Download

1979 Silver: Download

1980 Classic Christmas: Download

1980 Rockabilly Blues: Download

1981 The Baron: Download

1982 The Adventures Of Johnny Cash: Download

1982 The Survivors Live: Download

1983 In Prague Live: Download

1983 Johnny 99: Download

1985 Highwayman: Download

1985 Rainbow: Download

1986 Heroes: Download

1990 Highwayman 2: Download

2002 At Madison Square Garden (1969-12-05): Download

2012 Singles, Plus (CD 1): Download

2012 Singles, Plus (CD 2): Download

2012 With His Hot And Blue Guitar: Download

Links alternativos (mirror): Download


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